About Sublunar Space

Sublunar Space is a journal of my attempts to enchant the fraction of reality I am experiencing by opening its gates to the weird.

Most of my life I have considered myself a relatively rational materialist sceptical of anything spiritual.

During a business trip in summer 2016 I experienced an intensely vivid lucid dream with subsequent sleep paralysis and some kind of out of body experience. It awoke something in me and I was sent on a journey to explore the unknown corners of what seems to be my "consciousness" or whatever hides behind that word. Three months later I witnessed the truly magical happening of my daughter's birth.

Half a year later I found myself invoking ancient gods on mountain-tops, reconnecting with ancestors and being haunted by synchronicities around stellar Egyptian daimons. Life is way weirder than advertised.

Most articles on Sublunar Space are in English in order to reach a wider readership and simply because it's the language of the internet. Some are in German, mostly ritual texts that I have collected or translated into my mother tongue for my own practice.