Nematodal Nightmares

I stumbled over a note in my favorite writing tool the other day. It is a report on a dream I had around February or March of this year. It was the second weirdest dream experience I've ever head besides the one that started my path of re-enchantment. What struck me now was that in retrospect it has some elements in it that could almost have been pre-cognitive. I am sticking with 'almost' because they are also quite 'archetypical' nightmarish themes.

Anyways, if you are like me and find it boring and meaningless to listen to other people's dream reports, stop right here. If you are into stories of semi-lucid dreams with sleep paralysis and where the borders to the awake state dissolve in an uncanny way, read on.

I am sitting at a kitchen table in some place, looking at my phone. It looks like an old 90s phone with greenish LCD display, but it has smartphone features. I realize that whatever I look at on the phone disappears. The letters of text disappear one by one. Suddenly I receive a text message with a threat. I don't recall what it said. I am checking the phone's task manager that shows me all open apps. There is an unknown task I cannot remove.

On the kitchen table in front of me I suddenly see disgusting worms appear whose skin is so transparent that you can see the red blood inside of them. I kill one of them with my hand. I kill several of them, anxious and disgusted.

I receive a text message telling me how many worms I have killed and the question why not dare try to get rid of all of them? Checking the task manager again I notice that the annoyingly persistent app is called "NematOne".

I am in a larger room with my family. My cat starts behaving weirdly and is very aggressive. The room feels strange as if something evil is present. My wife T. also behaves strangely and her voice is different than usual. I ask her if she feels like she is getting possessed or losing control. She looks at me, nodding and saying "yes".

I want to do the headless rite but I realize I forgot all the words. Instead I imagine having the "voice of god" and I put all my energy into this intention and start yelling "Dybbuk Tse!" (Hebrew exorcism "!דִבּוּק צא" for "Evil spirit go out!") with a roaring and echoing voice and it seems to have an effect. I continue doing it with more and more effort and the evil presence seems to retreat.

I ask T. if it helped but she says she doesn't think so, "because of the black matter at the ceiling". I look up and there is a lump of what looks like a nest made of black spiderwebs on the ceiling, oozing a black substance.

I freak out and my dream becomes lucid and I instantly notice that this place does not look at all like our apartment and that we should leave A.S.A.P! There's one of the creepy worms on the floor. It scares me and suddenly it turns into a mouse that runs off. Did I do this? The cat immediately chases after the mouse.

The room turned into an unusually long hallway which we are walking through. There are a lot of doors on both sides and we are heading towards the exit all the way at the end of it. Hearing a strange buzzing sound from behind I turn around and see a black mantis or locust like insect jumping and flying towards me. It lands on the floor right next to me and I call the cat to take care of it. The creature takes another leap into the direction to which we are trying to walk, trying to outrun us but the cat is after it.

I enter a room through one of the doors on the right side of the hallway and it's the bathroom in the house I grew up in. My daughter E. is standing in the shower and her skin is rainbow colored and she has a really evil look on her face. It completely freaks me out and I think this dream is too weird and I want to wake up.

I open my eyes, but I am completely paralyzed and I feel that something pulls me back into the dream. I panic and try harder to wake up. I open my eyes again, I can even see the light coming through the window curtains in our bedroom and I can feel my head resting on the pillow, but I have the sensation of being very forcefully pulled down from behind towards the mattress. Completely unable to resist it I drop back into the dream.

I am in the hallway again. I tell T. that we need to get out of here but that I am unable to wake up. I try to open my eyes again, but the pull is still there.

T. is there in the hallway with our daughter who now looks normal, but the feeling of evil in the room is still present. T. asks me "what is her birthday?". I reply "what? why?". She says "if you remember her birthday, it means you are not dreaming". I try to remember her birthday. Numbers get all juggled up in my head and I can't grasp any date in my mind. It seems to slip away. I manage to concentrate very hard. Slowly and with a lot of effort digits appear and fall into place. I got it!

I open my eyes and I can still feel the pull, but I am forcing myself to move, to roll over, to really wake up. It seems to work. Still feeling unusually numb I am finally awake, my daughter's birthday clearly in my mind.

I dared to use the term 'precognitive' in my introduction because of the feeling of being in a semi-familiar place that is not home and an evil presence that haunts it. Exactly like the story of our recent move to a new home that was haunted by a "poltergeist". Also the presence of the worms reminded me of a recent ongoing issue that our daughter was suffering from a parasitic nematode infection for a few weeks which always gave me the creeps thinking about it.