Routines in Theurgy

As an almost full-time father of a now one year old child my spare time for enchantment is quite limited. The only thing I manage to routinely do is a daily adoration of the day's ruling planetary spirit. I have formed a habit of doing early morning walks with my daughter through a lovely park nearby and mostly they happen around sunrise. The park has a small hill at one end of it that I have chosen as my temple for the daily visits. Since June of this year I've visited the hill almost every day and recited the daily Planetary Prayer from the Hygromanteia. (My daughter started to say "Amen" right when it's appropriate, in sync with me, it's freaky!)

The other routine I have is a monthly run of the Stele of Jeu aka Headless Rite around every New Moon when the illumination is just after 0% and it just starts waxing again. It feels like a great starting point for the upcoming month's endeavors, and so far it has served me well. I also try to do this on the same hill, depending on the time of the day and how much privacy I will potentially have up there.

I started to dislike the commanding tone of the Planetary Prayers and how the planets are being subdued in the name of god and I switched to the Orphic Hymns two week ago. It makes a huge difference for me! I feel more connected to the planets than before, and I have the feeling that I am being increasingly noticed by them too.

Especially in the last two weeks since the last New Moon some things have happened that seem like "results" without me even having specifically asked for them. I got four freelance job offers within a couple of days after months of really almost nothing going on, also my relationship has improved, my general mood too.

Yesterday, after having finished my hymn to Selene and closed the widdershins circumambulation of the temple mound, on the way down I found a little yellow children's torch. Instant synchronicity! Just the night before, in bed I had read one of Uncle Chuckie's e-books on Psionics in which he talks about how he's always had a problem with having to imagine a beam of light coming out of his magic wand when using it in ritual and eventually ditching it for a torchlight. This idea resonated with me and I intended to imitate it one day, turned around in bed and fell asleep. And the next morning I find one on my temple mound! Well, here's my new wand! And its brand is "Brainstorm Ltd" (online research revealed that it's actually a toy photo projector that projects images up to one meter wide onto walls and ceilings!) I was puzzled by my find and on the way home through the park my daughter pointed to something on a park-bench. I looked and it was a kids drawing block, soaking wet from rain. I picked it up and opened it and on the first page someone had written "Each takes what he needs" and drawn a heart below it.

Alright then, thanks universe!