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When I created the Sublunar Almanac one of my main goals was to code it in a way it could also be deployed as an application for desktop computers and mobile devices without the need to be online. The reasoning was to be able to use it in places without internet access, due to whatever reason: avoiding electromagnetic interference in ritual space, being in areas without infrastructure, likelihood of a collapse of civilisation.

The Desktop App for Windows, MacOS X, and Linux is available from January 22nd 2019, an Android and iOS version will probably follow around the end of the year.


The Offline App is basically the same program as the online version, but without limitations:

  • No internet access needed (except for the first activation and updates)
  • No limit of days to be calculated (aside of your own patience)
  • More available modules (not on the day of release, but upcoming)
  • Option to load an entire year of pre-calculated planetary hours for one specific location. No more waiting for calculations!
  • Support


While the online tool will always be free, there are a few limitations to it.

The App is available for supporters of the project who help it stay alive with recurring or generous donations on our ko-fi page or through becoming a Patreon). You will get the App including automatic updates when new modules or features are implemented, plus a loadable preset of pre-calculated ephemeris and planetary hours of the next 365 days for one location. All these features will be provided for the whole ongoing donation period.


  1. Set up a donation on our ko-fi page or become a Patreon.
  2. The ko-fi donation will be processed by PayPal. No ko-fi account is needed.
  3. I will message you within 24 hours - either using the email address used for the PayPal donation, or via Patreon.
  4. Optionally send me an email to and tell me how I can identify your donation.
  5. If you want the pre-calculated hours option, send me an email to and tell me the name or the coordinates of the place you want the preset to be calculated for and if you use the tropical or sidereal zodiac.
  6. I will manually prepare the App for you and send you an email with download links for all supported operating systems.


When you open the app for the first time it will ask you for your email-address used for the donation (or whatever email address you wanted me to use for registration prior to activation). Please provide the address and make sure you are on-line. The App will then activate itself to be used on your device and if you have selected a pre-calculated ephemeris option, the App will download the preset files. After it automatically restarts, the App is usable on your device.

You can activate the app like this on up to two different devices.

Offline Use

After activation the App does not require internet anymore, except to check for available updates or for automatic location detection.

When the App is used offline, the automatic location detection and the city-search function do not work anymore and are replaced by a dropdown-menu with all the last locations you calculated planetary hours for when you were online. Optionally you can always provide the coordinates for the location you want to calculated the hours for and use the Save Place button to also save it to the list of known locations.

Precalculated Ephemeris

If this option is activated the App downloads the preset files upon the first activation. A Load Preset button will appear in the menu bar that can be clicked any time to load it into the grid. (Caveats: Due to sheer amount of Planetary Hours loaded into the grid with this method, the App might become unresponsive when filtering and then de-selecting applied filters. A workaround is to simple reload the presets and start over with the filtering process.)

User Guide

Please find the User Guide here.

Warranty and Support

Important note: although the whole ordering and activation process might seem like it, the App is NOT a commercial product. I am offering the App as a "thank you gift" in exchange for a donation you provide. Therefore I do not provide any invoice or warranty for the App. I will always do my best to provide support, answer questions, and help with problems.


You can be assured that I will treat all your data confidentially. The only data that I am storing on the server are your email-address and an automatically generated number that is unique to your device. If you have any questions or concerns about it, please email me at

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